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Tutoring Rates and Pricing

How much does it cost for a tutor who can come directly and provide private tutoring lessons?


Ridgefield Tutoring rates may vary, dependent on the experience and academic qualifications of the tutor. It's also possible to have a price reduction, some of our tutors offer tutor discount packages, which can help you save on associated education costs.   To view Westchester and Fairfield County pricing visit here.

         Prices between both counties are fairly similar, although in Westchester County they are slightly higher, note in comparision to  other tutoring agencies who declare their own prices, we let market declare tutoring prices and do not violate basic principals of Economy 101.   We believe every tutor must declare their own prices based on their expertise and us simply adding small agency fee on top that is variable based and very well affordable and much more reasonable then any other tutoring company in CT or NY.

       Simply because it's not fixed cost percent based but incentive based, meaning if you buy a tutoring discount package our fee gets reduced, the more tutor works the more tutor gets paid, and instead of keeping agency comission fee for ourselves, like other agencies do we use portion of it to reward our tutors, resulting in higher tutoring service provided by subject matter expert to student, simply because tutor gets paid more money then he/she would of been getting paid other wise if hired by an agency who declare their hourly rates.  We only provide suggeste guidelines for pricing, and do not tell our tutors what prices to declare, all of our tutors are independent contractors.



First Tutoring Lesson Risk Free Gurantee

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the first hourly session, please notify us so we can reimburse your session. So what are you waiting, why not try it now and invest in your child's future today, call our Ridgefield tutoring specialist to help you get matched with the right tutor..


Note some of the sessions may last longer then an hour dependent on the student needs. It's higly beneficial to have at least 1.5 hours session to gain a full benefit from the tutoring. 

Suggest Your Price and we will work with it!

Note prices in some regions are different from other geographic regions, due to basic principal of supply and demand factor.  To view Westchester County Pricing visit here, to view Fairfield County Prices visit here, note prices are approximiate.  We can help Ridgfield CT parents or parents in any other areas such as , Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County get matched with the tutor based on parent/student/guadian suggested price.  If we find suggested price not reasonable we will notify you and recommend other options.  To View tuor prices navigate to corresponding subjects and see how much tutors charge, or alternativevly contact Tutoring Services, LLC by the phone number at the top right corner to help you find right tutor based on custom match within your budget. 

I found many tutors on other Tutoring Sites, and they are all affordable why not just contact tutors from other companies?

       All other companies in CT and NY do not go anywhere near in ensuring safety for Fairfield County and Westchester County students when match making them.  Do not have pre-screening methods helping parents to meet tutor before tutor shows up at student's home, and neither do any of the companies provide custom based match, for example match making local and online tutor based on grade levels and subjec giving flexibility for students to cross compare tutorst.  Plus other agencies charge parents outrageous Tutoring Comission fees! Take a good look around and see what you can find in Ridgefield CT area and you will quickly realize what we mean.  In our case we even have dedicated site Background Check Online and take background check process seriously and provide flexible options for background checks of our tutors, and not just background checks but meeting tutor face to face, viewing introductory video, asking tutor questions befoer tutor shows up at student's home and many other factors making the concept of match makign easier to work with and understanding the level of tutor's expectation before they show up at your home.

Plus what happens if you do like the tutor?

When working through us you can just let us know that you did not like the tutor and we can help you find another one.


 Why other tutoring companies in CT simply can't compete with our prices

     Other companies in CT and NY specializing in local match making tutoring making it unreasonable for parents to even bother contacting such agencies, we on the other hand provide 2 options, one option where Parent doesn't pay any recurring comission fee and works with tutor directly no middle man agency recurring agency fees, but as the sacrifice does not get the phone support, does not get custom match making agent to help parent find the right tutor, and in some cases may even end up not finding the righ tutor or finding the right tutor, but realizing that tutor does not offer any discount packages, or simply not at the right price. 

Note as the company that's been around for many years many parents asked to provide high quality match making option instead of just parents going to our sister site and not getting any agency custom match making support.  We listened to parents and created different types of Tutoring Businesses to help Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County parents by providing them high quality match making service through our Tutoring Services, LLC company's sub division called  "CallMyTutor".

This is one option, that we offer, however in this type 1 option offered through our sister site parent will not get custom based match support, and will not get to use Suggest Your Price functionality which effectively can reduce tutoring rate  and help parent save money.  To view summary of both types of options and our service offerign feel free to continue reading.



What type of Services does our company named Tutoring Services, LLC offers

  1. FREE Tutor Profile Advertisement for Tutors on
  2. Students can search and contact local or online tutors FREE of charge on
  3. Online Tutoring over Whiteboard for students studying Math + Science + English + Computer Subjects
  4. Test Prep Study Guides for Educators
  5. Solutions for Schools ranging from School Ratings, and custom web development
  6. Study guides and e-courses for k-12 students.

What type of Tutoring Services does our company offer?

  1. No Custom Match and No Phone support, where parent is on their own searching for tutors. (no agency recurring comission fee applies)
  2. Custom Match + Pre-Screening + Phone support where we help parents get matched with the right tutors.  (agency recurring comission fee applies)

Both have it's own advantages and disadvantages.

What is the advantage of Type 1 Tutoring Service?

Advantage of type 1.  Well obviously no Agency Recurring comission fee, there are one time $15 Trial fee for tutors who declare $15 trial to get tutor's contact info, other then that there is no recurring comission fees.

What is the advatange of Type 2 Tutoring Service?

Advantage of type 2.  There is agency comission recurring fee included in the price of tutor's hourly rate, however we help parents find the right tutor locally or online or both for variety types of use cases, as well as pre-screen our tutors, and allow flexibility for tutor and student to meet face to face before engaging into tutoring assignment.

Type 2 option is the best for CT and NY residing in 3 counties of Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven Parents/Students and Guardians, simply because it's more safer and much better quality match making service, where parents and guardians can work directly with the agency to find the right tutor within their budget for variety types of subjects and grade levels.

Plus there is agency phone support all that is done through our Tutoring Services, LLC company sub-division named CallMyTutor.  This sub-division focuses only in CT and NY and Online type of tutor match making.