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Welcome to Tutoring Services, LLC!


Tutoring Services LLC is a reliable team of highly qualified and friendly tutors who are ready to help students who are having difficulty in coping with some of their subjects, students who want to advance in their knowledge ahead of their class, and individuals who are preparing to take standardized exams. This mentoring system acts as an alternative learning process to reinforce classroom instructions and improve the academic performance and ratings of the students.

Our competent tutors in Ridgefield CT use learning strategies that will motivate the students develop good study habits as tools to learn, analyze, solve and apply what they have learned to real life situations, which is the goal of education.

The team believes that each individual has an inner capacity to learn, thus, qualified tutors will assist them to bring out the best in each individual and empower them to perform more and better independently.

We also believe in the ability of each individual to acquire advanced knowledge and work to develop skills and achieve a certain career in life. For individuals who want to pursue teaching career, we can assist them most by preparing them for the Praxis II series of exams to get the teacher’s certification.



What we can do


We commit to help students from various academic levels who are particularly in need of intervention to improve understanding of their lessons. We also cater to students who want to advance in their knowledge and those who are preparing for their examinations. Our team is composed of qualified tutors in Ridgefield CT who will help students to achieve their academic goals.

Once the academic goals of the tutees/students are determined, we shall match them with the best tutor who can best assist them. Our friendly and competent tutors can handle different subjects such as English, Math, Pre-Calculus, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, History, and more. Tutoring session also includes Homework Help.

Our tutors are also helping individuals who are preparing themselves to take standardized exams such as Praxis II, SAT, GMAT, and GRE by mentoring them using some learning materials such as study guides and test prep during the review sessions with them.

Effective strategies will be used in helping the tutees/students to form good study habits and improve their attitude on learning and develop confidence to work independently and perform better in their school. The tutors will motivate them to use their innate ability to learn and solve problems by themselves.

A proficient pre-selection process for tutors in Ridgefield CT involves online background check and verification of records for the clients’ reference.


Students and parents can select from online tutorial or home-based tutorial services which both will have guarantee of quality tutoring services.



Our Products


Our team has collected effective learning materials that our tutees/students and tutors can utilize during mentoring sessions such as study guides and test prep available for GMAT, GRE, Sat, and Praxis II. We also have Algebrator and used college books which you can get at reasonable prices.

The Tutoring Services LLC in Ridgefield CT continues to commit in forming confident learners who can perform well in school, complete their assigned tasks and homework, solve problems and apply what they have learned.

We will be very happy to discuss with you how we can help the students identify their academic goals and help them achieve them. Contact us now!


Again, welcome to tutoring services where learning is easy and exciting.

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We are Connecticut based company with operating business sector in Tutoring industry, match making, online and home tutoring, advertisement, study guide publishing, teacher test prep services and school services, books selling and buying.

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