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Math, Algebra, SAT, Science, English, Music and Even Breakdancing Lessons for Ridgefield CT residents!



Private Home Tutoring Services for studens in Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County


Frustrated with not being able to find the right tutor for your son or daughter?  You are in luck our company can help you find one!   Call us today to speak with the match making agent.


Why Going to School is important  and how tutoring can be helpful


         By the time someone mentions the word “school”, there are many things that pop into our minds. Things that make us feel excited and sometimes worried. Don’t forget the earsplitting alarm clock which reminds us to get up and be ready for school. However, school is more than that.

      Attending school also means having high responsibility to maintain grades, preparing for homework or mid term and final exam. What do students study in school? Basically, there are many subjects that students encounter in school such as science, English, history, and the challenging math subject as well as other subjects. How do students manage to pass these difficult subjects?

     Some students are very lucky enough to pass academic subjects with ease and fun while on the other hand, other students may find it hard to even pass at least one academic subject. Parents are aware that not all children are “fast learners”, that is why we created Tutoring Services, LLC company to help parents in Ridgfield CT, and other nearby areas such as Weston, Wilton, Ridgefield, Redding,Bethel, Danbury CT, North Salem, Peach Lake, Lewisboro NY,   Our tutors can help students with rigorous math, physics, chemistry, biology subjects as well as,  SAT, Toefl, GRE, GMAT, Praxis, MCAT, ISEE, SSAT or other type of private school exams.  



Why many students fail their studies and why you may want to consider a local 1 on 1 private home tutor for your son or daughter?

         Have you ever forced yourself to understand a certain topic, yet no matter how much time you put yourself through it, you still cannot grasp such information? As much as possible, all students should understand all subjects that they encounter in order to proceed to the next level. However, there are certain times wherein their brains don’t function the way it should be. This may be the reason why some students fail in certain subjects. Why wait for students to fail? Why not immediately seek for professional help such as hiring a local private home tutor who can help your son or daughter by providing individualized instructions directly at your home in Ridgefield CT.?  if you answers yes to this question then we got you covered. 



How does our company help Westchester and Fairfield County parents improve their son's and daughter's academic success?

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC provides tutor match making services for the state of CT and NY, some of the counties that we focus on include, Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties.   We help parents find reliable private local home tutor in Ridgefield CT or online tutor.   Tutors who are you matched with are independent contractors providing their own pricing, and their own tutor discount packages which can help you save money on tutoring expenses.  Parents can search for our tutors through the very same site or ask us for help by calling on phone number above to find academic tutor in specific subject (based on parent or guardian budget and other match making criteria) such as Math, Science, English or major test prep subjects such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, Praxis, MCAT, NYSTCE and other exams and subjects.    You can also view study guides we list on our site for many academic subjects to help your son or daughter study in addition to getting tutored.


Subjects that our instructors in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY can help with include

  1. Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and others
  2. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Science and others

  1. College essay writing, TOEFL, ESL Test Prep, Reading and Writing
  3. Professional Project Management exams such as PMP, Agile,SCRUM, SIGMA
  4. GRE, GMAT, MCAT and others
  5. Praxis 2, NYSTCE and others  (menu on the right shows subjects, if you don't see your subject call us and we can help you get matched with the subject that you need help with)
  6. Other Academic Subjects

Our CT Tutoring Services are reliable and we provide 1st 1 hour lesson Risk Free Gurantee,

Meaning if you are not satisifed with your first 1 hour of tutoring for whatever reason you do not have to pay anything.  All Tutors agree to that rule when signing their contract.

Our tutors can service students attending the follow Ridgefield Public and Private Schools

  • Ridgefield High School Go Tigers!

Elementary and Junior High and Special Schools

  • Branchville
  • Farmingville
  • Scotland
  • Barlow Mountain
  • Ridgebury

Ridgefield Roman Catholic Schools and independent schools

  • St. Padre Pio Catholic School
  • St Mary School
  • Ridgefield Academy is a co-educational, independent school serving preschool through eighth grade



Is your child attending any of the schools above or any other cities in Fairfield County CT or Westchester County NY? 

Find Reviews and Ratinges for CT and NY Schools, teachers and professors here.



 We are not a learning center, but home and Online tutoring agency Servicing Ridgefield CT Area and other areas in CT and NY

Learning Centers will cost you more money in tutoring expenses and be less effective!  Home and online Tutoring or self study is the best alternative for affordable education, but at higher quality.  Areas we service Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County.


Other Areas we Service


Get local home tutoring help nearby area from subject matter experts provided by Tutoring Services, LLC

                Thank you for visiting our company's site.  If you live near areas of Stamford, Greenwich,Westport, Wilton, Weston, Darien, Fairfield or New Canaan or in any other areas of Fairfield CT/Westchester county NY and looking at this page, congratulations you have found us, the number 1edu organization, and test prep/academic tutoring company in Fairfield County Connecticut and Westchester County New York. 


Our instructors offer Tutoring Services in Fairfield County CT






Areas our teachers service Westchester County NY




Areas our tutors service New Haven County NY




What type of Tutoring Services do we Offer!

We offer several types of educational types of services!

  1. Local
  2. Online
  3. Self Study
  4. Hybrid Math Tutoring for CT and NY residents
  5. Best Online Math Tutoring
  6. Non Comission Based Tutoring Services no middle man involved (lower match making quality type of service)


 About our Academic Tutoring Services in NY & CT Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, CT

Our company has been around since 2008 and specializes in academic test prep, home and online tutoring for elementary, middle school and high school grade level students ranging all the way from k to 12 and all the way up to college and graduate level as well as adult tutoring and training.

Our goal is to make educational affordable, helping students save money on college textbooks, helping students find the right school that is highly rated, offer opportunity for students to review school and teacher/professor ratings prior to joining school, as well as helping students to choose from the best collection of academic study guides. Areas where we offer our services include Westchester County NY, Fairfield County CT covering cities and towns of Scarsdale, Rye, White Plains, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, Peekskiil, Mount Kisco as well as Ridgefield CT area such as Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury and other cities and towns  Fairfield County cities such as Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Westport, Sleepy Hollow, Chappaqua and many others. Our official site is



Our Instructors provide Individualized Attention for k-12 Students ands Adults


        Academic Tutoring is tailored towards your child's educational needs. Our private home tutors in Fairfield County area provides your child with the best academic test prep and tutoring services, directly at your house.  No need to go to someones learning center and waist time traveling.Individualized attention is the way to go when preparing for academic subject, in comparison to any other methods such as sendingy your kids to learning center, since it allows tutor to provide instructions solely focused around student's needs.



How many tutors does our Tutoring Services, LLC company has?

        We have thousands of tutors registered on our main site however these tutors are spread out all over USA.  If you need the right tutor based on your custom match requirement then our agency can work with parent and guardian specifically on such case by case basis with parents of Ridgefield CT, helping them get matched with the right tutor within Fairfield County, New Haven or Westchester County area. 

We work with parents based on their price budget and help them get matched with the right subject matter expert tutor based on variety types of match making uses cases.  Tutors who we fully enroll into our system end up showing on our local tutoring sites such as or other local tutoring sites in our network and it's corresponding hub site called  Using network of local tutoring sites and giving flexibility for tutor to declare their own hourly rate, we are able to keep tutoring prices low. 

Need a tutor Suggest your Price and we will find the right tutor within your budget

Parents can either pick their own tutor by browsing this site, and search for study guides, local tutors or contact the agency and get help in finding the right tutor.   To see what we mean by Suggest Your Price option, check out this link.  It gives example how Fairfield County and Westchester County parents can for example can select Breakdancing instructors based on their suggested price.



Student Benefits,  Location Where Tutoring takes place and Pricing


         Our professional tutoring takes place at student's home in Ridgefield CT, public library or starbucks, or alterantively for students on the budget online.  Instructor's pricing is based on hourly rate and strictly depends on qualification and educational experience of a tutor.  Some of our academic tutors are certified teachers and some are professional subject matter experts.  Our subject matter experts and teachers offer discount packages where the more hours you buy the more money you save, helping students and their parents save money on educational expenses.  To view our individual tutor pricing review subject on interest in the right hand side of this web page and click on the subject of interest to see details.

          We cover nearby cities and can help middle school, high school, and elementary grade level students from Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County with their homework and prepare students for their mid-terms or finals. Also some of our tutors offer first 1 hour free trial tutoring session, where you do not have to pay unless you are satisfied with your first hour.  Giving opportunity for students' parents to try tutor before committing to entire package cost. 

        Be sure to review discount packages of our instructors carefully since each tutor can declare their own package price.  Pricing depends of each tutor is different and depends on educational experience and qualification of the tutor for list of Westchester and Fairfield County Prices feel free to visit



Grade Levels our Subject Matter experts and instructors can teach are Middle School, Elementary, HIgh School, College, k-12


     Our tutors and subject matter experts servicing Ridgefield CT and other reigons of Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY are pre-screened verified and equipped with the knowledge and academic skill set, that is why we are confident that the tutoring services you'll get will be high quality. 

Why should you hire our Private tutors? 

Answer is simple we help you find the right tutor and perform the following service.

  • Phone call Support, Speak with the Tutor Match Making Specialist to discuss your learning needs
  • View tutor's profile before they show up at your home.
  • Meet tutor face to face over our video confernecing platform before they show up at your home in Ridgefiedl CT
  • Work with the agency based on your price budget
  • Price of the Tutor is included with the Tutoring Agency fee.
  • Save money on tutoring discount packages the more hours you buy the more you save.
  • In some cases where tutors are not affordable to student, our agents event go out as far as recommending alternative supplementary study materials in Calculus, Algebra, Math and other subjects. (for example take a look at our Calculus recommendation page)
  • Get matched with either Local Tutor or Online or both! 
  • Take advantage of Group Tutoring discounts from specific tutor profilles
  • Get matched with Hybrid Math Tutor if you need math tutor who will use Technology during tutoring lesson to train your son and traditional math methods.



Professional Edu Service for Ridgefield, Danbury, Wilton, Redding, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake, Lewsibor and Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY area


Attention Parents and Students of Ridgefield CT, our tutoring agency company offers professional and reliable level of educatioanl expertise, servicing students of all ages and grade levels k-12, college and adult levels. Take a look at some of our major qualities and decide for your self if hiring our subject matter experts make sense or simply call phone number on top right corner.  We help prepare students for para professional tests administred by ETS, and other tests such as ISEE,CLEP, SAT, GRE, GMAT, Praxis 2 and many other exams.  We have educators and experts in math and reading who can help you with your studies.


Flexibility is the Key for Fairfield County and Westchester County Parents looking for best Tutoring prices

We do not lock you into single tutoring price!  As other local companuies do, we let market drive prices.  Our tutors work with student's schedule and if student is not satisfied we can always find students another local tutor. Parents work with match making specialist who reviews parents' needs and provides recommendation of which tutor to chose, based on match making criteria. Parents can compare experts side by side and decide which subject mattere expert is right for them.



Great Selection from Variety of Subjects offering ranging from Math, SATs, English, Science 

From Math to Science, to English to TOEFL, SATs, GRE, GMAT, to even breakdancing and computer networking subjects is what we offer. Don't trust other companies who say they can do it all, the truth is no one can, however trust someone who developed a system to recruit talented subject matter experts, review them and offer these experts to parents of Fairfield County, Westchester and New Haven County residetns.


Local Service Area Focused Edu Company for CT Residents

We focus our tutoring services around areas of Ridgefield Connecticut and nearby cities of Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County and surrounding Westchester County NY.

Privately owned tutoring agency in CT not dependent on any share holders 

Not a national Franchise public company,  not driven by any share holders running business as LLC, owner or other educators or trained agents work directly with paretns and tutors, based on what tutors and students/parents want in order to provide high quality tutoring services.  Owner also created many other sites for tutors to work indepdently and provides abondance of affordability and tutoring discount pricing packages throughout the network of sites that no single entity can ever match in Fairfield and Westchester county area.  Our tutors can tutor your son or daughter privately at your own home.



Reliability of our professional services can not be matched to any other match making tutoring company.

           Our tutoring service is reliable, first 1 hour lesson risk FREE money back gurantee. Our company's name is Tutoring Services, LLC our official site for independent tutors is  We have official name and not some .org or dashed domain name tutoring site.  

        Parents of students who need help can contact us directly by the phone number on top right corner above, and we can help with match making student with tutor, if parent wants to do business without going through anagency then parent can visit our sister website where there are plenty of tutors to chose from, perfect for parent  on the budget and does not care about phone support or custom match making requirement or background check pre-screening or getting helped finding right tutor based on budget or any other criteria. 

    However, if parent wants more personalized match making service with high quality and reliable results where tutors are verified by the owner and certified teacher of the state of CT or trained agent, who reviews candidates and ensure that they are qualified to do tutoring, and does due dilligence prior to referring such candidates to parents and work with parents based on parents budget,  then don't hesitate to contact us by the phone number on top right corner, or simply search for tutor on this site and then contact us when you decide which tutor you would like to purchase pacakges from.



Overall benefit of hiring private instructor in CT and NY

        Private Tutors and Subject Matter experts in Ridgefield can do lectures more specific than what student would encounter in class and more detailed than what is presented in books. Such tutors can also provide students with homework help assistance.  Instructors are not only hired to plainly instruct, but they are also tasked to challenge students for good and encourage students to strive harder to achieve academic goals, and best of all parent can discuss all of such responsibilities with the tutor even before tutor shows up in student's home in Fairfield or Westchester County Area. Tutors in Ridgefield, CT are just like your teachers; however, they give individualized learning methods and have their own teaching styles.

       If students need to enhance their knowledge at certain topics, students can also take advantage of our study guides, that we have neatly compiled together on our sister site StudyGuide.NET  College students and even professionals can also hire private tutors.  Tutors can be of great help to you especially when you are to prepare for future examinations such as the Praxis 1, Praxis 2, GRE Tutor, GMAT Tutor and the SAT examinations. The moment you hire these tutors, you will be guaranteed a success in your examinations. 


What differentiates us from other Local or non Local Tutoring Companies

  1. We allow our tutors to meet face to face with the student's parent/guardian, before match happens, Parents can meet tutors directly over Tablet PC, IPAD, or Microsoft, or PC with cam before tutor shows up at student's home in Norwalk CT.  Other agencie simply do not provide that option due to technical challanges..
  2. Parents can suggest their own hourly rate for specific tutors, check our for example how suggest your price features works for our breakdancing instructors.  This concept of suggesting your price is applicable to any subject, meaning parents can suggest your price if price they see is not affordable to them or they do not like it.
  3. We specialize in mathematics tutoring local and online our page is providing best online or local mathematical tutoring options in NY and CT ranging from online math tutors, hybrid local math tutors, to traditional based math tutors to Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven County residents.
  4. We create our own Praxis 2 study guides for Biology exams helping educators become certified teachers. Take a look at one
  5. We provide FREE workshops for college students taking biology CLEP exam
  6. We provide Local and Online Tutoring for variety of match making cases.
  7. We are not only match making company, but also have another model of tutoring business operated under, where students and tutors do not even have to work through the comission based business structure model, and instead can find tutors on their own and get matched on their own, no agency recurring comission fee is applied in this model, there is a $15 fee on this site to exchange personal contact info with the tutor. In exchange for that $15 tutor agrees to provide first free 1 hour lesson.  Not bad of a bargain considering that no recurring agency fee is ever applied from every hour.    (however obviously when you work without Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor agency's help you have many diasadvantages to that, hence we do not recommend that option if you live in Ridgefiedl CT or in Fairfield County and instead recommend parents to go through our agency, however there are cases where parents simply do not care about quality and just want to strike on their own with hopes of saving few dollars, but end up getting not what they wanted  Hence if you prefer quality match then we recommend calling by the phone number on top right corner, else visit our sister site.)      

Plus all of these conditions that we just described above makes our tutors the most highly paid tutors in comparison to any other agency in Fairifeld County (since we do not charge arm and the leg for comission and provide most flexible environment), which means tutors are willing to work with our agency and provide quality services and get paid for their expertise.  

Safety Tips for Parents when Hiring a Tutor in Ridgefield, Redding, Bethel, Danbury  Lewsiboro or other area

Safety Note:  Anytime you see domain name of another tutoring company with .org, .net or dash (-) in between, always, always, always check reviews and double verify with other parents in Ridgefield,  Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake, Lewisboro Westchester County. If what the company offers is legit.  There are many companies out there that simply do not offer what they say they do!  If you are concerned and not sure which tutor to hire, simply contact us and Talk to real person on the phone, who can provide you with multiple tutoring options and don't lock you into any non flexible contracts.  Trust the company with official name and reputation. We have created RateMySchool.NET site in there you can check reviews of schools, agencies, and even teachers, professors or even in some cases tutoring agencies.

Summary of Safety Tips for Parents in Ridgefield CT, (Checklist Written by Security Expert)

  1. Verify that phone number is always local i.e area code is (203) or (914), or (860) or (917)
  2. Verify company has reputable name and been in business for a long time.
  3. Review RateMySchool.NET ratings of training center or an agency
  4. Ensure company has plenty of other sties it's affiliated with or owns, not just a single site (if you see one site chances are it's a single owner  and majority of the time single owners may not be able to provide flexibility that you may be looking for neither can they provide lower tutoring price)
  5. Ensure that company doesn't just refer people, but seriously pre-screens them and allows parents to pre-screen tuotrs as well before they show up at your home in Ridgefield CT! 
  6. If you don't see any indication that tutor was verified by the agency for the background check do not engage with such company!  Always ask if background check was done on your tutor.  Our company not only pre-screens tutors face to face, but also have entire site dedicated to background checks!
  7. Ensure site has social media presence example
  8. Ensure company has reputable name example
  9. Ensure company offers ways for parents to view videos and pictures of their tutors or introductory video and compare tutors side by side and provides exact explanation of how match making process works.
  10. If you see a site where there is a single owner ensure that owner provides references and videos of his/her services. Tutoring Services, LLC offers our tutors to post tutorials and practice tests demonstrating their subject level of expertise in front of parents.   Check out our breakdancing instructors for example how they show their skill sets in front of parents.
  11. If you see someone claiming they are owner of the tutoring site and asks for tutoring services to take place in their home, do not engage with any of such sitse, unless it's either official learning center certified by the State of CT or NY or you are 100% sure aware of who you are buying services from and been there your self personally. (if you ever in doubt contact Tutoring Services, LLC and instead ask us for help to find you the right tutor instead of taking risky chance and overpaying for low quality service or not getting the type of service that you wanted!)



We can help students get matched with tutors based on custom match cases


For Parents residing in Ridgefield CT.


          We realize that education is important, and we also realize that parents of Fairfield County CT can have unique requirements, such as having set of twins in the family and needing tutor for both of the twins to prepare for SAT Exam that has 2 different subjects such as Math and English.  Or situations where tutor is needed for one grade level for one subject but with unique set of expertise such as being able to tutor students with ADHD or learning disability.   We realize that there are custom needs, and not every match making scenario is created equal.  This is what differentiates us the most from other tutoring companies, simply because we realize that no single case is the same.  With other companies out there parents are left to decision making on their own, without any type of guidance by the agent and are left clueless in regards to what type of tutor to get, or how to get specific tutor that can teach multiple subjects, or where to even find such tutor.  Solution:  Call our company Tutoring Services, LLC and we wll help you with your custom match base scenario.


Example of Match Making Scenarios


  1. Parent looking for a math tutor for school year for long term tutoring for high school level student, but also has another child who needs english tutoring for elementary level. 
  2. Guardian is looking for physics instructor for high school student who is falling behind in school, and needs help finding someone who knows science really well, and is also certified teacher.
  3. Mentors who help students get guided in academic success end up reazling that student needs help in learning math, but wants to meet tutor face to face before chosing the right tutor.
  4. Parent who has son and daughter both in different grade level and needs a tutor who can teach both children sequentially in math subject.
  5. Parent who needs tutor for their high school son who goes to Ridgefield CT high school, to have extra part time tutoring because student is lacking behind in school


Match making expertise for students in different CT and NY geographic regions

       Is your child living during school year in one city of CT and during summer in another city in CT or NY, Westchester, Fairfield or New Haven county?  If so then we can provide custom match across different cities, Ridgefield CT is not the only city that we provide our tutoring match making services.   If you need long term tutoring agency to help you get matched with the right subject matter expert, and have unique custom match making need across different cities in Westchester and Fairfield, or New Haven County then contact us and speak to the service agent today!


 How do we make custom match making happen?     

     We realize custom matches by leveraging several websites that are neatly designed together to provide information about exam, and specific section for exams, giving our match making analysts plenty of information with when talking on the phone with the specific student/parent or guardian.   Our analysts handle north east geographical of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties and analyze such match making requests. 

        We tap into our network of Tutoring sites in Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven County area to extract best tutoring prices for Ridgefield CT residents, other companies do not do any of that and hence is the reason why they charge more!  While our company charges less!  In fact if you have specific rate in mind contact us and we can help you find the right tutor within that range or we will realistically tell you if it's reasonable or not reasonable rate! 


How can we be so sure that we can provide the best hourly rate for Ridgefield CT residents? 

       The main reason why is because we specialize in specific geographical regions and audience  demographics and have strict workflow processes, and access to variety of tutoring databases, something that other companies simply do not have, because they never bothered building such databases and other network of sites in a first place, and instead decided to build single site one solution fits all type of model based tutoring site.  This ended up inflating tutoring prices and making tutoring very expensive!  Therefore instead of attempting to search for tutors on random sites, contact us and let us help you find one!



Math Tutoring Online or in person for Ridgefield Connecticut Students!



         In addition to our Math Study Guides we also provide Online Math Tutoring over whiteboard, skype, and in person.  This is a great alternative for students on the budget who can't afford private tutor, or if perhaps no local expert being available or any other reasons such as, subject that you need help with requires extreme level of advanced mathematics help.  Either or we got you covered!  We have expertise in academic subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry and many other mathematics subjects.  View more info about Fairfield County math tutoring services here.  To view our online math tutoring options visit here. 

To browse local math subject matter experts in Ridgefield CT click here,not some tutors can travel to Ridgefield CT from other cities, if you are looking 100% for tutor to be from Ridgefield CT, then it may be more expensive then the tutor who is from nearby cities such as Danbury, Wilton, Weston, Westport or any other nearby areas.  Be sure to contact us to help you get matched with the right math subject matter expert.  We are flexible we can match make you with local or online expert or both in subject of math

We also offer Math Home Tutoring Services for Westchester County area



Looking for a local math tutor who can teach algebra, calc, pre-calc, in any of the areas of  Scarsdale, New Rochelle, White Plains, Rye,  Port Chester, Tarrytown, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, then our math subject matter experts can help! 

We can help your son or daughter get matched with the professional math tutoring expert in Westchester County NY.  We also have hybrid math tutors who can teach students using their tablet and mathematical tools that we created and deliver math lessons directly at your home! Our subject matter experts can prepare students for math mid-term or final exam or even help with college math prep. Or with Advanced Algebra or high school algebra in Westchester County NY or Fairfield County CT



No money for math tutor? Why not get help from Math Software and study on your own?

Have you ever wanted to tackle math with the help of a user friendly software, without a tutor?  Well here is your chance.  Introducing Algebrator, the math crasher., helps students learn complicated math with the help of easy to use software.  Great for adults for kids and for students of all ages. View math study guides or other math learning options here,  We have also study guides for home school students, and math courses online that can help elementary level students get better grades in math.


Our Supplementary Learning Solutions for Home School Students in Fairfield and Westchester County

1 on 1 online math tutoring Solutions 

       Does your son/daughter gets home schooled, but you would like to have some supplementary method of learning to help your son/daughter learn pre-calc, geometry, algebra, statistics, or other subject online?  We have Whiteboard solution just for that which we integrated together to help students learn math.   We have multiple options to offer, options ranging from tutoring over skype for basic of the most basic type of methods of delivering mathematical teaching instructions over web, or an option of using whiteboard solution that we integrated that has necessary tools for tutor to teach home school students math online.

     Regardless what your pick is we have both options, obviously our custom math whiteboard integrated option is better then Skype or any other math tutoring company's solution for that matter.  Reason why that is simple we do not just provide math tutoring services but also specialize in whiteboard + math tools integration solutions for schools, colleges and universities as well as other businesses.  Hence we carry over that very same math tools + whiteboard + video conferencing technology into private sector for parents of Ridgefield CT, Fairfield and Westchester county,  who are in need of an online supplementary math help for their sons or daughters.

The best part about our online math tutoring service is that we can provide custom match making tutoring services for home school students, helping parents get matched with multiple types of tutors, local or online, or both and in different subjects.  Be sure to review our match making scenarios.

skype math tutor



Beatified Math Video Course and Study Guides (variety of study guides from different vendors as well as recommended study guides)

We have Math Solutions for Home School Students also.  Great supplementary resources for kids that do not go to school but need additional supplementary help.


Local Math Home Tutoring for Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake, Lewisboro Westchester County.


Is your child not challanged enough in math? Why not get a local math expert who can come down to your home and teach your son or daughter math subject.  This is a great option for parents who are already teaching their children at their home or have some professional teaching your son/daughter at home, but not challanging student enough in subject of mathematics.  Not every child can learn math on their own, our company is here to help parents of Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding Bethel, and other regions to get matched with the professional math tutor who can provide local home tutoring services directly in student's home.

To view details about the type of Solutions we offer for Fairfield and Westchester County k-12, middle school and high school students



Want to learn math on your own or become online math tutor? No worries visit us on Facebook!

With out WhiteBoard and Video chat based online math Tutoring Sessions we can help students who are low on budget and can not afford local private math home subject matter expert.  Great option for students who simply can't spend money on tutoring sessions at home. If interested in becoming online math tutor and working for Tutoring Services, LLC don't hesitate to apply with us.  Our online math tutors get advertised on multiple blog sites, spoke sites, subject sites, local tutoring pages, hub sites and social media way more then any other tutoring company can ever offer!


College Essay Prep Help for Students in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY


       Need essay paper help?  Let our company help you find perfect subject matter expert in Fairfield county to help you prepare for your college essay. Our College admission experts can help your child with academic test prep paper or college/university paper.  Getting Essay help and getting into college can be the most critical stepin child's academic career.  Get your child best essay help they truly deserve and contact us to help your son or daughter make right decision when applying for college. Our instructors can help tutors prepare for college essay view our Fairfield County College essay help instructors here,  we have instructors in the following cities Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County and Fairfield County.  Our instructors can help with other english reading and writing subjects as well such as TOEFL, ISEE, GED, Praxis and many others.  Is hiring local tutor too expensive?  Prepare with TOEFL Study Guides at your own pace.



Attention students and respective parents Science Chemistry, Biology and Physics does not have to be hard with our subject matter experts!


           Does your son or daughter struggle in school or want to get ahead of other school students in math, English and Science Academic subjects or prepare for standardized high school entrance test or college? We got you covered! Our private home tutors from Redding, Bethel, Danbury can come directly to your home in Ridgefield CT and help you with your academic subject. We all know how difficult that AP physics exam can be, hence why not let our tutors help?

         Our instructors specialize in elementary reading and writing, middle school science, high school math and even College organic and inorganic Chemistry. We have math, chemistry, physics and biology subject matter experts who are capable of helping you or your child get ahead in school and tackle difficult math questions and science problems and not be afraid of complex mathematics questions, scientific formulas or complex concepts. Get the best help you need whenever you need by contacting us and helping you or your son/daughter do better in school. Contact us by the phone number at the top right corner to request your academic expert!  To view more info about Fairfiled County Chemistry Tutors visit here.   To view list of Chemistry Tutors near Ridgefield CT click here.  Prepare for Organic or inorganic chemistry with  the help of a professional subject matter science expert. Call us today to help you get mached with the right subject matter expert.


Biology Subject Test Prep for Teachers in CT


 We offer Biology Tutoring Services locally and Online for teachers preparing for teaching certification test and k-12 students. Example of our study guides include BioBooster Diagnostic System, click image link for more info.   If your child preparing for mid terms or biology finals, or biology CLEP exam to enter college then don't hesitate to contact us or view our Biology CLEP Study Guides here, you can also sign up for FREE Biology workshop there and save money on college expenses.

Graduating with Accounting Degree? Need help preparing for your CPA accounting exam?


Tutoring Services, LLC is not just about academic test prep help, it's all about helping students in general save money on education.  For any of the students who are residing in Ridgefield CT area or Fairfield County area who are trying to prepare for CPA exam, our company can help you get matched with the local CPA certification exam tutor.  Alternatively if you can't afford a local tutor you can either study from CPA test prep study guides or other resources.  Click here to View Local CT tutors in CPA exam and study guides.



Need Help with SAT, GRE, GMAT SAT, TOEFL and Praxis subjects Help from our Academic Tutors in NY and CT.


           Prepare with the help of our subject matter expert for Praxis 1Praxis 2 and other exams, such as graduate school admission exams, We have GRE Tutors in Fairfield CountyGMAT Tutors in Fairfield County CT.   We know that being alone in your preparation will do you no good.  Why not get help from our test prep subject matter expert who can help you prepare for your exam. Look at our test prep section to view more info on subjects we offer tutoring for. View our Fairfield County Test Prep section for more info.




We also offer services for parents who are trying to get their sons and daughters admitted into Private School

Our tutors can provide Exam Test Prep for students are trying to enter Private Schools exams that our instructors can help students with include  ISEE, SSAT. 


Basic Computer Training for Adults in Connecticut Greenwich, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, and other cities

         Looking to improve your computer skills?  Trying to learn that Power Point, Microsoft Word, and Excel? Applying for work?  Is your employer asking you to learn these computer skills?  Trying to improve your job marketabiilty, but simply can't understand how to use Internet or how to prepare presenations?  Our computer trainers can help you directly in your home with preparation for computer subject.  We realize that computer literacy is the key in the digital age, which is why we decided to tailor our services not only towards academic student needs but towards adults and seniors who simply need computer help and can't seem to get that level of help from anywhere. Our computer instructors offer tutoring services direcly in students' homes in Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester Count and even if you do not have Microsoft Word installed, our trainers have laptops that they can bring with them to learning session and show adults how to use computers. 

        Our computer trainers can help adult students with creation of resume, learning computer basics, creating power point presentations, learning how to use Excel desktop publishing app and simply learn how to master computer concepts quickly and efficiently with the help of our trainers who can come directly to student's homes.   21st century doesn't have to be difficult to overcome let our trainers and instructors help.  Contact us by the phone number on top right corner to reserve your 1st computer training lesson today!  Discount pricing packages are available!  Note Microsoft Word is not the only computer basic skill set that our subject matter experts can provide.  To view more info about Fairfield County Computer Tutors visit here.  For Westchester County computer tutors visit here.


 Our company also offers Computer Training for Westchester County residents



Wow what Breakdancing Lessons at home for children and Adults in Ridgefield Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County


       Attention parents, guardians, event organizers, and students of Ridgefield CT, in addition to academic subject help we provide, sports program such as teaching students breakdancing.   Our team of professional breakdancing instructors servicing Westchester area  and Fairfield County are available and ready to come out directly to your home in Ridgefield CT, and teach your son or daughter breakdancing.   View videos and profiles of our breakdancers to to see what we can offer. 

        Tutoring Services, LLC believes in learning process not only by helping students get matched with the right tutor in academic subject,  but by combinining learning with activities that are fun and intuitive and extremely awesome! For example we can match make you with the tutor who can teach math, and another instructor who teaches breakdancing.  This way student is motivated to do math because student knows that if they pay attention during math tutoring lesson then they get rewarded with the breakdancing lesson right after math tutoring lesson.   We can match make your son or daughter with math or breakdancing instructor or both.  We can even match make our breakdancing instructors with event organizers who have specific show or event in any of the following cities,Ridgefield,  Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County or any other regions of Fairfield or New Haven County.


Here are some of the moves our breakdancing instructors can teach

Flares Gainers Freezes Headspins
1990s Ariels Foot work Style Moves
2000s Backflips Master Swipes 6 Step
Side Flips Frontflips Air Flares Basic Slides
L Kicks Kick Ups Street figher type of moves Baby Freeze
Handglide Turtles Valdez Scissors


Here is an example of Tutoring Discount Packages our Breakdancing Tutors offer!


Breakdancing Group discounts also available dependent on which tutor you hire!

What type of breakdancing lessons do our instructors offer?

  1. One on One
  2. Group Tutoring

What students is our service recommended for?

  1. Adults
  2. College Level Students
  3. High School or Middle School Students
  4. Elevementary or even Pre-K

For Teachers: Residing in Westchester, Fairfield or New Haven County? Trying to become Breakdancing instructor?  Contact us today!


The Best Part about our breakdancing program is that it can be done directly at your home in Ridgefield, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem,


In another words, our instructor can come directly to student's home, and providing student has at minimum 300 sq feet of space,and nice spinning floor, our instructors can offer breakdancing training directly in student's home in Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County.  Our instructors hand out worksheet to students after practice for homework with request for students to finish these worksheets before next breakdancing lesson.  Students go through math exercises on their own, and wil be aware that if they do not complete it on time breakdancing session will not happen, giving level of motivation and reward for students to do work.

Our unique flexibility of being able to combine both breakdancing and math allows not only provide motivation for kids but provides innovative approach in educational industry, produly brought to you by Tutoring Services, LLC We have various parents who already have engaged with our serices and are extremely happy to have a team of breakdancing instructors help students not only in breakdancing but with math.



Music Piano Lessons for students in Fairfield and Westchester County NY


Our instructors offer piano lessons in the following cities Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County and Fairfield, New Haven county. Contact us from phone number above to get you music teacher, tutor your son/daughter Piano Lessons at their home. Click image for more info.



 Academic Books | Study Guides | School Ratings and Home| Online Tutors all from a single Website!

We are the only tutoring company who doesn’t just help students with match making student with the right tutor online or by phone, but also help students with finding more affordable alternative method to home tutoring all from a single website! We help students find the right method of studying rather than simply relying on private tutor to explain every single concept and detail. The way it works is simple, student can browse our website and simply select subject they are interested in and view Tutors, Books and study guides relevant to that subject from a single page. We believe education should be affordable and therefore, we created flexibility for students to study not only with the help of a private home tutor, but also be able to study with the help of a study guide, or academic textbook for their school, college or university. Students can select local home tutor in Fairfield or Westchester County NY or nearby areas, sort by location, select most affordable subject matter expert or select online tutor. Students or Student Parents therefore can have multiple options to choose from.




Interested in becoming certified Teachers for the State of CT or NY?

Let us help, we offer variety of study guides, designed specifically for teachers created not only by Tutoring Services, LLC but by different vendors specializing in academic subjects. 



Tutoring Opportunities for College students in Fairfield County Connecticut!

We realize that college can be exepnsive, which is why we offer method of earning additional part time income for students who are already attending colleges and universities in Fairfield County CT to join Tutoring Services, LLC as a local subject matter expert.  If you are a college student and interested in this opportunity, and happen to be a subject matter expert, in any of the following subjects, History, Chemistry, Praxis 2, Biology, Physics, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Computer Science, IT Networking, Physics, then do not hesitate to contact our Tutoring Services, LLC agency and join us in helping students in Fairfield County CT do better in school.  Apply today.


Tutoring Services, LLC helps CT and NY students sell their old books and make money!


If you are a student living in Westchester County New York or Fairfield County Connecticut do not hesitate to visit our used books site and list your books for sale, then have other students in Stamford CT schools colleges and universities find you and buy your book.  The site is perfect for college and university level students interested in making some fast part time cash.  Tutoring Services, LLC provides multiple methods for college students to make money.  Selling used educational books in Calculus, Pre-Calc, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Engineering is just can help students get some money back for their expensive books they purchased.



Advertisement Platform for Teachers and Subject Matter Experts  in Fairfield County CT and Westchest County NY

Purpose: Helps teachers and subject  matter experts, be advertised on a network of sites in effort to land student assignments.


2 Types of Teaching Advertisement Solutions Platforms Available.

Type 1.  Agency Comission Based Platform for Independent contractors partnering with Tutoring Services, LLC

Type 2.  Independent Based Platform for Independent Tutors who do not want to share comission with agency.




We have 1 website that follow Type 1 Teaching Advertisement Solution

Website. (interconnected with entire network of local tutoring sites)

Purpose.  To provide exposure to subject matter experts under comission based model, where Tutoring Services, LLC charges comission fee from every tutor for advertising them in our platforms, with tons of free features designed to make tutoring match making experience more intuitive and user friendly.  Best option for Fairfield County and Westchester County Teachers/Subject Matter Experts

We have 2 websites that follow Type 2 Teaching Advertisement Solution

Website 1.

Purpose: Allows tutors to create free tutoring profile, showing their hourly rate and qualifications where students can contact tutors for free and tutors can offer 1st tutoring session as "$15 Try Before You Buy Trial"  where students can contact subject matter experts free of charge, with expectation that they will receive 1st hour session free of charge where $15 would go towards Tutoring Services, LLC, administrative fee that we charge to offset our expenses and provide free advertisement service to tutors.  Our tutors can offer to students  in their profiles Free first Trial tutoring session , or $15 Trial or no Free Trial.

Website 2.

Purpose:  Allows teachers/educators/professors, instructors, lecturers and any other subject matter experts post their tutoring ads, where students can find such ads.  Great alternative to Craiglist and Free. Created by Tutoring Services, LLC for teachers on the budget, who do not want to pay anything for posting any ads.




Website 1. Details


Tutors who register on this site make money independetly not as independent contractor affiliated with Tutoring Services, LLC but rather as an independent tutor advertising their services on our website where subject matter expert can show their own hourly rate, get contacted directly by students, no comission fees, no middle man to deal with.  Independent tutors do their own taxes and do not receive 1099 forms at the end of the year for this business model, in comparision with the Business model where we charge tutors comission from every hour tutored, and send them 1099 tax return forms as well as increase chances for tutors in the following areas Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County and Farifield County get more student leads.



Trial Feature Functionality For Independent Tutors on our Site


Dependent on what type of Trial tutors offers in their profile, students can contact tutors and either request FREE 1st 1 hour Tutoring Trial session, where student doesn't pay anything at all and tutor provides first 1 hour of free trial session, or student can contact tutors who do offer $15 trial session and pay Tutoring Services, LLC $15 and receive first free tutoring session from tutor.  Students who contact tutors  with profiles that do not offer $15 trial and offer Free Trial are less likely to receive response from such tutors, since such tutors are limited to messaging restriction of up to 3 messages, however it doesn't hurt to try and still message such tutors anyway.  To ensure that you get response from a tutor we recommend students to message tutors who offer First $15 Trial Tutoring Lesson.



Dependent on what type of Trial tutors offers in their profile, several options are available. 

For tutors who offer $15 Trial in their profile

Messaging restriction is lifted off, and such tutors show up higher in search results then other tutors offering completely Free Trial.

For tutors who offer Free Trial in their profile

Messaging restriction applies to 3 messages, meaning tutor can't respond back to student beyond that number.

Such tutors show up higher in search results then tutors who do not offer any trials what so ever.

For tutors who do not offer Free Trial at all

Messaging restriction applies to 3 messages, meaning tutor can't respond back to student beyond that number.

Such tutors show up lowest in search results in their city.




What? Independent Tutors Show up on Multiple Domains!

      Independent tutors want to increase your visibility even more by registering on  Do not want to work for an agency as independent contractor, do not want to share your profits with the an agency?  Want to keep it all for yourself?  Why not enroll with our premium basic membership on where it would allow you to show up on multiple domains in multiple subjects increasing your chances of being found by students.  We have subject tutoring sites for most popular subjects, such as English, Chemistry, Algebra and others.  




So how do students find our Subject Matter Experts?

         Students may either find subject matter experts through our hub or spoke network of Tutoring Sites, some of our spoke sites examples that we have in our system are shown below. These sites are advertised automatically on google and bing.  Bing loves exact match domain sites and pushes sites with exact match domain higher in search results, google tends to stay away from exact match domain sites and prefer similar domain based sites.  Since our network of sites consists of multiple domains, with exact match, and with non-exact match domains, we are able to focus on both marketing search engines and increase tutor's exposure. Additionally we advertise our tutors on social media sites such as and others.

       We can help tutors increase their exposure and minimize administrative headaches of trying to do marketing all by your self and instead sign up as independent tutor and take advantage of the benefits we offer you.  To maximize your exposure we always advice tutors to register not only on our site, but on any othersites out there that offer similar opportuniites.

Examples of our Academic Spoke sites and examples of how students can find such students online are as shown below.



Algebra Spoke Subject Site



Chemistry Spoke Subject Site



English Spoke Subject Site



Tutoring Services, LLC have their own network of educational sites that are designed to drive student traffic to tutor's profiles, where is a hub and other subject sites are spokes.  Example of our English Tutoring Spoke Site.




Our site provides functionality for tutors offering $15 trial to be advertised free of charge on our network of spoke subject sites.  In other words if you happen to be subject matter expert in both math and english, and want to be advertised on our spoke sites as well in addition to hub site then providing that you offer to students 1st $15 Tutoring Trial (where you offer your first trial to student free of charge), you will be automatically advertised on math and english spoke sites that we have available. If you do not offer $15 trial you will not be advertised on our network of subject spoke sites.



CT and NY Parents Don't hesitate to contact us.  Interested in finding out more? Need us to help you?


       If you think your child deserves the best math and science learning experience, and if you are worried about your incoming examination, then it is best to call us on the number found in the right upper corner of your screen, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Make this call and discuss your child's educational needs today with our educational advisor.. Contact us on the phone number in right top corner. Local and online Tutors if you are interested in learning more about becoming a tutor working for Tutoring Services, LLC and want to know more info about us feel free to visit us here.  Our educational agency provides multiple reasons for tutors to register with Tutoring Services, LLC directly.  We can help you get matched with the righ tutor in Ridgefield, Wilton, Weston, Redding, Bethel, Danbury, North Salem, Peach Lake , Lewisboro Westchester County, Fairfield or New Haven counties



       Offering much more reasons to register with us then any other tutoring agency in Westchester and Fairfield county.  Although we never discourage tutors from registering with multiple agencies, because after all we realize that tutors are teachers and subject matter experts who want to make money just like everyone else and the opportunities they are open to the better.  Hence we have no such policy of being only registered with us.   Our academic tutors are automatically advertised on tons of automatic websites designed by NetworkConsultant.NET with purpose to provide highest level of exposure possible to anyone interested in helping students and making money. Regardless if you are a personal trainer, or a teacher or professor, or business expert, contact us we can help you increase your exposure.


What are you waiting for? Immediately dial the number situated at the upper right corner of your screen or you can send your email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Call us now…